Nibbler and Me

I’m not a “mama” of any kind, a home maker, a Christian, or a doomsday prepper. I like making stuff, but only if it’s not a huge, costly pain in my ass. I don’t make my own deodorant or toothpaste. I don’t eat paleo or attempt to cure my colds with essential oils. I’m just an Urban Farmer who likes eatin’ good in the hood and trying new things to make our lil’ backyard homestead a little greener and more productive wherever I can….within reason.

This blog is pretty new, which is why there isn’t a ton of content yet, but in case you wanna’ know what I got planned for it, these are the topics I intend to focus on:


–Preserving (drying, canning, pickling, fermenting)

–Composting/Upcycling/Reducing Food Waste





–DIY Dairy

–Local Agriculture

You can also follow me on Pinterest and Twitter if you just can’t get enough.


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