Ghetto Greenthumbs

Ghetto: noun

“a part of a city in which members …live usually in poor conditions…conferring inferior status or limiting opportunity”

Greenthumb: noun

“an unusual ability to make plants grow”

We moved into this place two years ago next month because it was cheap and close to downtown Greenville, SC.

Picture Courtesy of Google Maps

Picture Courtesy of Google Maps


Look closely and you can see my boyfriend on the porch drinking a beer with no shirt on. Next to that was our first gardening attempt: some kmart tomato plants in containers that didn’t yield shit.

Since that time, we have turned it into a small urban farm that looks like this:

Home is Where the Fart is...

Home is Where the Fart is…

The leap from year to year has been drastic but very doable with help from wonderful, knowledgeable friends and family, as well as taking classes at Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery with the truly amazing Eliza Lord of Appalachian Feet, not to mention a metric ass ton of internet research (God bless Pinterest!). Oh and trial and error: lots of that. I think about what we do in terms of concentric circles, ever widening, ever expanding, but we started with those crummy lil’ tomato plants in the pots and now? We’ll you can see for yourself.

hugelbed 4

Driveway garden

Chicken coop, etc.

Chicken coop, etc.

raised bed

Our Charming Cinder Block Raised Bed

Julia Child said that the key to satisfaction with life is to “find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it.” That’s what Urban Farming has become for me, an initial passion that just grows more and more interesting. So, while we don’t plan on going totally lawn-less–we have a dog and bunnies who like to run on grass (not together, of course); plus, we rent– we do have lots more projects on the menu.

At the end of the dirty, sun burned, mosquito-bitten day, the past two years fill me with pride and satisifaction, but the future is even more exciting. The revolution is truly growing.


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